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主要责任者. 题名: 其他题名信息[文献类型标志/文献载体标志]. (更新或修改日期)[引用日期]. 获取和访问路径. 效果是英文间距正常,且英文字母不会被拆开,即下图效果,可是不知道怎么实现,希望有大神指导一下。 参考:.. An annotated bibliography can fulfill several functions, from basically describing the resources to analyzing them and describing their value for your personal exploration. The ann... https://essayv.com/blog/%E6%B3%A8%E9%87%8A%E5%8F%82%E8%80%83%E4%B9%A6%E7%9B%AE%E6%80%8E%E4%B9%88%E5%86%99/


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